‘Arais Arís - Back Again’ - Liam de Frinse Exhibition at Cotton Court Gallery

‘Arais Arís - Back Again’ is a solo exhibition of works by BPW member Liam de Frinse using a hybrid of different printing techniques. The exhibition will open at the Cotton Court Gallery, Waring Street, Belfast on Thursday, April 5th and run till Friday, April 13th.

Liam has been a BPW member since 2008, and proposed ‘Arais Arís - Back Again’ to mark his reemergence after a period away from exhibiting; during this time he completed his Eco Art Poetry land-art along 7 miles of the river Lagan from Lisburn to Belfast, became involved with the local business community and the National Trust as a creative art consultant well as as well as working as an artist mentor for a TG4 film. For the last 4 years Liam has also been researching and developing his ‘Painting by Numbers -The de Frinse Code’ marrying art with Mathematics via codes - An exhibition of this work will also open at the Engine Room Gallery, Belfast on April 5th.  

According to the artist; ‘My first solo exhibition of 100 prints was at the James Wray Gallery Belfast back in 2008. Most of the work has ended up in private and corporate collections in Ireland, Switzerland, France and the USA. After several years focusing on other activities, I decided to show work inside for a change, sort of coming back with a bang. Hence the title ‘Arais Arís - Back Again’. I’m delighted that I’ve been offered a show with BPW, an epicentre of creativity.’

An established and much decorated artist, to date Liam has had 38 solo exhibitions and participated in 100 group shows on a national and international level. Liam's work involves intensive research, creative construction and deconstruction, presentation and interaction. It is multimedia, employing traditional skills, fusing them with contemporary methods to produce a synergy and dialogue. The show will feature a selection of framed works, not seen before at BPW ranging in size from small to extra large. All will be available for purchase through BPW.  

Launch Date: 6pm, 5th April 2018, part of Late Night Art Belfast.

Open Satuday 7th 12 - 2pm. Closed Sunday. Check back for opening hours Monday - Friday. 

End Date: 2pm, Friday 13th April 2018.

Opening times will vary per day and times will be posted here when confirmed.
If you intend visiting before times are confirmed please let BPW know and we will try our best to accomotate your visit.

*‘Painting by Numbers -The de Frinse Code’ will open at the Engine Room Gallery on North Street at 7pm, April 5th and run till the end of the month. We encourage visitors to visit both shows, North Street is a 5 minute walk away from Cotton Court.