Alison Fitzgerald

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Alison has been a member of The Belfast Print Workshop since 2002

Alison Fitzgerald studied Surface Pattern at the University of Ulster before becoming interested in print making. She currently teaches Art and Design at Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College Knock in Belfast NI and is a member of Belfast Print Workshop at Cotton Court. She has exhibited printed works throughout Northern Ireland over the past 20 years. Alison’s chosen medium is Collograph print. Often the printed ‘panels’ you see are connected and box framed. She doesn’t work in editions so each finished piece is unique.

Alison is interested in the texture and pattern of found and borrowed images. She uses a combination of pattern and texture with bold subjects from the world of natural history – brought together to give the feeling of an ancient, rediscovered ‘scrap book’. The Pattern and Texture works are designed to instil a sense of mystery and to give an impression of a collection of precious artefacts; possibly pages torn from an old book or manuscript. The ragged, torn paper produces shadows, which give an additional depth to each printed panel or ‘tile’.

Muted browns, greens, reds and turquoise are used in this collection and the prints are sometimes enhanced with Chine Colle – small pieces of coloured paper applied to highlight areas of the print. Often the printed panels within a frame are connected by wire and raised from the background – to link the chosen images and project them towards the viewer.

Sample Prints

  • And Heavens. Eight

    Alison Fitzgerald, And Heavens. Eight
  • Harmony

    Alison Fitzgerald, Harmony
  • Silent Prayer

    Silent Prayer
  • Blue Aritmatic

    Alison Fitzgerald, Blue Aritmatic

Works in the Archive

Red Glove

Width: 19.00
Height: 30.00
Edition: A/P
Medium: Collagraph