Almost An Island

'Almost An Island' - an exhibition of new works in print by Mary Martin, opens on the 23rd September,and continues until the 22nd October.

Almost An Island

About the Exhibition, Mary writes:

The reason for my first visit to Loophead, Co. Clare was a commission from a relative whose mother came from Kilbaha. He said that his mother’s family rarely ever left the peninsula – maybe because of its isolated location but also maybe because of the timeless spell it exerts. 

I like to trace the lines in the cliffs;

the regular rhythm of their formation.

Faces – dark and grey, scoured by the salty sea;

It is a portal, a space for re-invention.

A preview of 'Almost An Island' will take place at the Armagh Market Place Theatre, opening on the 23rd September, the exhibition continues until the 22nd October 2016.

Event Details

Event Date: 
Saturday 22 October 2016 - 18:00




The Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre
BT61 7BW
United Kingdom