Artist Residency - Karishma Kusurkar & Kylie Chan

'Visit Print' AiRs for July. Artist talk on Tuesday 23rd, 1pm - 2pm.

It really is a busy summer at BPW this year with two self-arranged residencies in a row! We’re delighted to have Kylie and Karishma with us for the month of July making work for their project ‘A Tiny History’, which tells the history of the world through ‘Visionaries’ - people who created something original and made a lasting impact on the world. 

A Tiny History looks at inventions, ways of thinking and the social impact they produced over the last 150 years. The word “tiny” refers to the project being a snapshot of time as well as the practice of retelling these stories in a concise way and making them accessible to those without a wide knowledge of history. There will also be two sections featuring the artists home-towns, Hong Kong and Northern Ireland focused on local visionaries or people we think might influence the future of these places. 

A range of visuals and audio will be used to tell these ‘tiny histories’, including a series of silk screen and linocut prints made at BPW, merging both artists styles and signatures. Work from the project will be exhibited in August at the Duncairn Arts Centre, Belfast and also at the Odd One Out gallery in Hong Kong (click the link printmakers - they have some beautiful prints on their site). 

Kylie and Karishma met a decade ago when studying in London. Kylie’s illustrations are heavily influenced by stories and intriguing characters so when Karishma began looking for a way to tell the stories of these ‘lesser known’ inventors Kylie was a natural choice of collaborator. Part of the project involves each artist traveling to other others city to learn new ways of working, to study local culture, art and visionaries and to make our project as well informed as possible. You can keep up with their project and adventures on the blog and also on instagram. As part of their residency at BPW they will be giving a talk on Tuesday 23rd, 1pm - 2pm, all welcome. 

About the artists
Karishma Kusurkar is a Belfast based multidisciplinary creative, and designer-owner at  Karishma’s World. Coming from a background of fashion and textiles, she now works across everything from product design including games and accessories, to digital design for new online platforms. Her work combines traditional and digital techniques. Belfast locals might also recognise her as one of the co-founders of Belfast Design Week

Kylie Chan is a Hong Kong based illustrator. She specializes in using Chinese calligraphy brushes to ink her designs, creating movement and breathing life into her art. Her work centers on capturing moments - from the mundane to the fantastical, and telling a story through her images. Kylie has learned to follow her gut feelings, to allow the sensations of her hand to guide her illustrations. She publishes an indie magazine - ZINE - and has had solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. She believes Illustration ‘is like an international language’ which allows us to communicate better across boundaries. 

A Tiny History is kindly supported by the Artists’ International Development Fund by the Arts Council NI & British Council.