Artwork Purchased for the NI Civil Service Collection

Some belated good news from what seems like forever ago...

In February we were delighted to have Arts Council Officers Suzanne Lyle, and Jackie Barker organise a visit to our studio with a group of buyers who were purchasing for Northern Ireland’s Civil Service Artwork Collection. 

As many of you know, we have a lot to choose from in the studio with framed works lining the walls and browsers brimming over with unframed work. We cleared the workshop for a 2 hour window and took over all the surfaces, showcasing beautiful items old and new, big and small. It was a very successful visit with 36 individual pieces purchased from 24 artists, the majority of which were current members. 

Before our temporary closure we were able to complete the paperwork, handover the following items to the Department of Finance and of course, pay the artists. Very proud to reveal the list of artworks and artists who can now add the line ‘included in  public collections’ to the old CV if they hadn’t already. Congratulations all!  (sorry we don't have more pictures, things got crazy!)

Once we reopen, if you are a corporation, public body or group interested in purchasing some stunning artwork please get in touch and we’ll happily take you through what’s available.

(pictured work by Neil Kerr and Maura Lynch) 

Artist: Title of Work (Medium) 

Coby Moore: A Perfect World (Etching)
Corrina Askin (Former Member): Circus Bear (Screenprint)
Danielle Morgan (Flax Fox):  St Georges Market (Screenprint)
Danielle Morgan (Flax Fox): Winter Flower by Night (Screenprint)
Diarmuid Delargy (Former Member):  Sleeping Venus (Lithograph)
Dora McCavera: Verbena (Etching)
Dora McCavera:  Iris (Mezzotint)
Dora McCavera: Below Millstone Mountain (Etching & Aquatint)
Eamon McCrory: Fish (Hand-tinted Collagraph)
Felicity Shun (Non Member): Untitled -Butterfly (Screenprint)
Fiona NÍ Mhaoilir: Untitled (Embossed Print)
Ivan Armstrong: Slyne Head Light (Monotype)
Ivan Frew: Mechanic Organic (Woodcut)
Ivan Frew: Thoroughbred (Engraving)
Jackie Crooks: Still Life Shelf (Screenprint)
Jonathan Brennan: House on the Hill (Linocut)
Josephine McCormick: Giants Causeway (Etching)
Josephine McCormick: Sun Sound (Etching)
Josephine McCormick: Donegal Cave (Photo Etching)
Julz Marulina: Magenta Blue Rose (Screenprint)
Linda McBurney: Driven to Abstraction )Monoprint & Chine Collé)
Lisa Murray: Sparrow (Monoprint)
Lynda Hamilton: Communicating (Multiplate Photo Intaglio)
Marcus Patton: James Street, Dublin (Screenprint)
Marcus Patton: La Mer Inconnue (Screenprint)
Margaret Woods: Corvid (Drypoint)
Maura Lynch: Blue Garland (Cyanotype)
Maura Lynch: Palace Grove (Cyanotype)
Maura Lynch: Nest Building (Cyanotype)
Neil Kerr: Leica (Screenprint)
Neil Kerr: Mini Moog (Screenprint)
Neil Kerr: Polivoks (Screenprint)
Neisha Allen: Cat Brisighella (Etching)
Simon McWilliams: Sliding on the Cave Hill (Screenprint)
Raquel Amat Parra: From the Water to the Sky (Monoprint)
Terry Gravett  (BPW Archive): Beshir V (Screenprint)