Belfast Print Workshop Seeks New Members

40-something historic atelier based in Belfast’s vibrant Cathedral Quarter seeks some-strings-attached companionship for mutual artistic progression, safeguarding of artistic standards, and the opportunity to share a wonderful new future of fine art print. Could it be you?

We’re something of a community here at Belfast Print Workshop. Growing from humble beginnings in 1977, more than 40 years later we’re home to a variety of artists for whom printmaking is their passion, their expression, and for many, their living. 

More than a place to create stunning, thought-provoking, and evocative work, BPW exists to educate and act as a hub for both artists and the public to share ideas, knowledge, and to grow artistically and technically. We’re proud of the work that has been produced in our workshop over the years, and more so of the artists who have propelled our studio into the public eye, through their singular work as well as their commitment to showcasing print of the highest standard. 

We STILL have available space for up to 4 new members who would like to join the ranks of BPW and have a home to create, to be a part of a thriving artistic community, and to develop skills with facilities specifically geared towards a range of print disciplines. Beyond simply having a base to practice, members can expect to connect with like-minded artists and take advantage of exhibition, educational, and retail opportunities.

BPW maintains a diverse programme of events through national and international partnerships, the studio group has recently shown work with Prism Print International (Antim, Winter 2018), Empreinte Atelier du Garvuer (Luxembourg, May 2018) and we have two major exhibitions in Northern Ireland lined up for 2020. 

If this sounds like it could lead to a lasting relationship rather than a missed connection, get in touch as soon as possible after reviewing the essential criteria, which can be found here.

We can’t wait to meet you!


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