Connections - Group Exhibition at The Hamilton Gallery

Sophie Aghajanian, James Allen and Neisha Allen

5th October to 2nd December 2017

Sophie Aghajanian, James Allen and Neisha Allen

Sophie Aghajanian
I feel that Marie Heaney’s statement, in an exhibition catalogue, best describes my work when she wrote… “This artist suggests rather than states, preferring lateral vision to the direct gaze….the tension between light and dark has been a constant in Sophie Aghajanian’s work from the beginning. She’s fascinated by light and its ramifying effects….she talks with equal enthusiasm about the importance of shadows and how she finds them almost more alive than the actual objects. In her work the relationship between light and dark is ambiguous, the balance between them delicately poised and dangerous.”

James Allen
The two main themes that currently dominate my recent work, and which will be reflected in this exhibition, are the sea, with its ever changing moods, colours and tensions and figures in landscapes – reconstructions of those echoes of lost moments of time found in the shadows of old memories

Neisha Allen
My work is based on memories and observations. I use found objects In my work, sometimes those that trigger memory. Although my work comes from inner vision as well as external observation, I focus on detail to achieve an air of heightened reality. I also use images of buildings and people, juxtaposing the two to add further meaning.

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