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Join Josephine McCormick on this course one day course suitable for beginners or for those wishing to incorporate cyanotypes into their creative practice. The process involves making contact prints with light-sensitive paper, either using photographic negatives, or photograms of objects and other materials. The process is easy to learn and ideal for experimentation. Unlike screen printing where you would use a positive image, you are wanting to use a negative image for Cyanotype.

Once you have your image printed on to a piece of tracing paper or acetate, it’s then time to prepare your paper. We also try to keep things interesting by bringing in an object which you would like to be a part of your finished print, this could be anything, but we think that plants/flowers work great for Cyanotypes. We coat the paper in a light sensitive solution and leave in a dark room to dry. Once dried we will expose the paper with your negative image using UV light, the light will expose through the negative. Once exposed, as if by magic your design will appear as a positive onto the paper. Then all that you need to do is rinse your print under water, so that it will no longer be light sensitive and won’t continue to expose in daylight, and when dry, you have your very own piece of artwork. You are welcome to bring along any material you wish to expose onto your paper. Please leave any photographic image/s you want to use with the studio tutor before - hand, so that the tutor can change it to a suitable negative for cyanotype. All cyanotype materials will be supplied.

Our class sizes are limited to six and only payment secures your place - if online booking is not for you please don't worry - you can still book and pay for classes by cash or cheque in person at the workshop, contact us prior to visiting, by email to: [email protected] or telephone 02890 231 323.

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Saturday 17 June 2017 -
10:00 to 16:00





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