David DuBose

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David DuBose received his BFA from Texas Tech University in 1986 and his MFA from Louisiana State University in 1990. He has had artist residencies in Ireland, Canada, Germany and the United States.

He lived in Northern Ireland for thirteen years, where he taught printmaking at the University of Ulster in Belfast and was a visiting artist or lecturer at a number of other schools and colleges throughout Ireland. He regularly taught printmaking courses at Belfast Print Workshop and Seacourt Print Workshop, and was the Director of Seacourt Print Workshop for seven years. He returned to the United States in 2005 and currently teaches drawing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. artist statement The creative process is, for me, a continual search for meaning, purpose and identity. I sometimes regard the array of events that make up my own experience as distinct, singular elements that can be considered independently or combined to infer larger meanings. My images are often painterly and expressive in character, immediate responses to experiences, memories and emotions. As a printmaker, I became accustomed to constructing images as independent layers of transparent color, each forming an integral part of a unified whole. It was a natural extension to take this approach of layering when turning to more direct mixed media works. The immediacy of working directly allowed me to quickly discard the notion that these layers must be visually aligned or rationally connected. My images emerge most often through a process of immediate and impulsive action and reaction, as many divergent ideas and elements come together. My art draws significantly from personal, family and political histories, often incorporating photographic or illustrative elements. The juxtaposition of disconnected elements and layers of visual information can suggest a narrative, joining diverse ideas and emotions and providing a vehicle for social, cultural or political self-examination.

Works in the Archive

Trinity with Knots

Width: 33.00
Height: 16.25
Cost: £250
Edition: 4/14

Red Dog, Blue Dog

Width: 33.00
Height: 42.00
Cost: £300
Edition: 3/8

Feeding the Backward Dog

Width: 76.00
Height: 57.00
Edition: 3/10
Medium: Lithography

Family Tree Rising

Width: 84.00
Height: 56.00
Edition: 9/12, 1/12
Quantity: 2
Medium: Lithography

Model for gravity II

Width: 15.00
Height: 12.00
Edition: 5/15
Medium: Etching

I realise I am talking to myself

Width: 26.50
Height: 12.50
Edition: 4/10
Medium: Linocut