Emma Forde

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Emma has been a member of the Belfast Print Workshop since 2012.

I am a visual artist and illustrator. My work usually begins as pen and ink sketches. From here images become animations, digital interactive pieces or screen prints. At the moment, I am working mainly with the latter as I just adore the process of using traditional hand made methods to manipulate bold colour and create form.

Works in the Archive

Peperoni Arrosto

Width: 49.50
Height: 34.50
Cost: £88
Edition: 1/6

Strawberry Rain

Width: 14.50
Height: 35.00
Cost: £69
Edition: 1/10


Width: 16.50
Height: 9.00
Cost: £18
Edition: 3/3

No. 5 1/2 Jack Plane

Width: 15.00
Height: 9.50
Cost: £18
Edition: 18/37