Family Tree Rising

Family Tree Rising

David DuBose
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Curator's comments: 

Dubose’s print is a beautiful example of stone lithography in his use of colourful blending across multiple layers .

In this piece there is a joyful atmosphere that reminds me of childhood timelines where the space gets lost in time and the abstraction of the scene makes me think of a surrealistic world where sky collapses with time in a never ending space.

As a fan of surrealism, this artwork is very inspiring, not just by the use of colour but also in the loose graphic marks to produce the image. I find fastinating to see such a precision on the printing skills to create and divide the composition of this print in different layers (stones) and yet seeing the freedom of the drawing expression into every single one of the colours. It’s just wonderful to stare at.

All prints are packed flat, wrapped in acid free tissue within sealed card folders. Shipped via ParcelForce 48 within the UK /RoI.
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