Francois has been a member of BPW since 2019

Originally trained as a graphic designer, I have produced many designs and illustrations for a large range of clients, including The Royal Festival Hall, The Royal National Theatre, The London Philharmonic, The Japan Foundation and The Levellers. If I were to sum up the perfect design solution, it would have to be witty, sharp and to the point… and hopefully make you smile

My illustrations are a combination of many techniques. Watercolour, ink, pencil, crayon, etching, woodcut, lithography and photography – anything that comes to hand, all mixed up and held together with the magic of digital glue. Fantastic for maximum flexibility and manipulation when working on commercial projects, but in the end, it must always look deceptively simple.

Etching, lithography, Japanese woodcut, collagraphs and many other printing techniques allow me the freedom to experiment with the elements of picture making. Subject matter may vary, but ultimately the graphic elements of line, shape, colour and texture all come together to create a pictorial statement that cannot be controlled entirely, producing results that are always an unexpected pleasure. And to me, this is what printmaking is all about, the journey and not the destination. Experimentation leading to unplanned outcomes.
Today, the traditional toxic environment of printmaking is slowly being replaced by much more accessible non-toxic alternatives. Add to this the exciting possibilities achievable by combining the computer, photo polymer and letterpress, I think printmaking is a very interesting place to be!

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Sample Prints

  • Cunning

    3 colour woodcut - cunning