Graduate Award winners 2018

Introducing our three Graduate Award winners from the Belfast School of Art

Belfast Print Workshop is very proud to introduce our three Graduate Award winners for 2018 from the Belfast School of Art at University of Ulster: Fine Art Print Graduates Cathy Scullion, Lucy Moyes and Fine Art Painting Graduate Aimee Melaugh. The award is presented to students who show expertise and flare within their work. The student residency marks our ongoing commitment to nurturing new and talented artists in the atelier tradition.

Cathy takes take a multi-disciplinary approach using a combination of print and non-traditional techniques, including experimenting with light, video and installation work. Her statement reads; My work has been influenced by how past memories shape the individual in the present, particularly fragmented or broken memories and how we reimagine these to create a new reality which then influences our behaviour and how we interact with those around us. Taking influence from Freud’s theories on ‘repetition compulsion’ and Jung’s theories on the ‘shadow self’ I have become interested in how, as humans we tend to project our darker side onto those around us rather than confront it within ourselves.

Talking about her BPW membership award Cathy said; ‘I am excited to be given the opportunity to develop my skills in a professionally equipped workshop and to work alongside other practicing local artists. I believe being part of BPW will be an enormous benefit for transitioning from a student environment. My work for the degree show saw me move away from traditional printing techniques into installation-based work and experimentation with video. I am looking forward to getting back into improving my knowledge of traditional printing techniques.’

Lucy Moyes is based in Belfast and her degree show work was awarded a host of prizes in addition to our's including, the Engine Room Gallery Exhibition Award in Print and The Contemporary Irish Art Society prize. She was also invited to the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts 2018 Annual exhibition and longlisted for the RDS Visual Art Awards.

Her work is influenced by the subconscious; ‘Throughout my work I create cellular like landscapes and skies, I am intrigued by the idea of something unfamiliar happening to the familiar and the shared relationship the external environment and internal environment have with one another.  Our subconscious affects how we cope, what we hold dear, what we appreciate, and how we express our understanding of things. Our subconscious is an uncontrollable and powerful thing.’ She’s very excited to join the BPW community and continue creating work.


This year, BPW decided to award one Graduate membership to a student not from the printmaking discipline, whose work was identified as having potential to expand into print.

Aimee Melaugh is primarily a painter, working in both Derry and Belfast. Her work re-presents tragic events and provokes a sense of uneasiness through the presentation of dislocated limbs and unsettling spaces. Recent artwork captures a burst of memory, depicting a moment in time and has the potential to be viewed as a door to re-evaluate the past by inviting the viewer to be transported into a different time and space.

On receiving the BPW award Aimee said; ‘I am looking forward to developing my painting practice into print through experimenting with other mediums and forms of image making. Belfast Print Workshop will provide me with the opportunity to merge the two disciplines of paint and print to create unique and vibrant pieces.’

The years after leaving university are often formative in an artist's career but they can also be a challenging time for graduates. At BPW we’re looking forward to watching our new members grow and we hope they take every opportunity being part of the community affords them. Watch this space!

  • Lucy Moyes
  • Cathy Scullion
  • Shelter - Aimee Melaugh