Intro to PRINT course with Raquel Amat Parra - SOLD OUT

Six week intensive course covering several key techniques

This introductory course is designed to encourage beginners and intermediate printmakers to develop new or further skills in the field of printmaking. During this 6 weeks course participants will be guided through different printmaking techniques such as Monoprinting, Drypoint, Linocut, Chine-collé and Screenprint asa well as the multitude of possibilities for combining them in one or multiple prints.Perfect for artists working in other disciplines who want to expand their practise or for those looking for a fun, productive and energetic and creative course.

Weeks 1 - 2 - Monoprint & drypoint
Monoprinting is a colourful printmaking process that involves the use of different materials like textures, card, brushes, threads… to produce a print. They will be taught about colour preparation and composition as well as how to produce an edition using specific tools and registration guides. Participants will learn Drypoint etching where a sharp needle is used to engrave on to a plastic matrix. 

Weeks 2 - 4 - Relief Print
The following class will be Relief printing where participants will be using a lino as a matrix to produce their image. They will be shown how to transfer an image, carve the lino using different gouges and shown mark making tips for creating their desired composition. We will be playing with colour and gradients and they will be shown how to combine this technique with Chine-collé.

Weeks 4- 6 - Screenprinting 
The last two classes will teach Screenprinting where a fine mesh is used as a matrix to produce the print. This is a photo-sensitive process where the screen mesh is coated with emulsion and an image, or 'postive' is exposed and washed out. The ink is pulled through this mesh and transferred to paper as a print.


This class will run Wednesday evenings, 6 - 9pm starting May 23rd and ending on June 27th. 


Our class sizes are limited to six and only payment secures your place - if online booking is not for you please don't worry - you can still book and pay for classes by cash or cheque in person at the workshop, contact us prior to visiting, by email to: [email protected] or telephone 02890 231 323.

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Wednesday 23 May 2018 - 18:00 to Wednesday 27 June 2018 - 21:00


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