Jacqueline Holt Instagram Takover and Live Talk

BPW's current Artist in Residence will be live on Instagram on Thursday 26th, 7pm as part of taking over the BPW Instagram account from 23-29 November, posting about her work and influences.

Holt will take over the Belfast Print Workshop Instagram for a week, visit instagram.com/belfastprintworkshop during the week to check out her work. As part of her takeover she will be putting an emphasis on the practice of Image Descriptions to capture her work beyond the content of the visuals.

This is a short statement from the artist as a preparation for the takeover:

My practice is multidisciplinary with a strong interest in artists' moving image. With the BPW residency, I have been working on a series of prints using the idea of a film storyboard as a conceptual starting point. My aim is to create a storyboard that reflects a progressive emotional landscape. Initially working with the intuitive, chaotic processes of monoprinting I have begun to create the emotional texture that will form the backdrop of the storyboard. For the takeover, I will be using the image description to add another poetic dimension to the works by using the psychoanalytic process of eliciting meaning through the verbalisation of the image.


Join us next week @BelfastPrintWorkshop to engage with the artist and learn about her practice.


Image Descriptions for this page

Top Image

Title: Bunker sketches.

A number of images are scattered on a tabletop. 2 black and white images of the same concrete bunker at different resolutions. One speckled hazy pointillist. The other more defined and higher resolution. The concrete bunker is cubic with a sort of pyramid on top. It has a long dark opening where the pyramid joins the cube and a number smaller dark openings around the base of the structure. These are lookouts. The structure is an old coastal defense situated in a field. The landscape is flat under dark brooding cloudy sky. The other images on the table are black and white, cut out, photographic images of household ornaments; a metal owl, a ceramic humpty-dumpty and a small ceramic pig with flowers printed on it. At the edge of the image is the original bunker photo: purple sky, green field, ochre bunker. Light is reflecting off the glossy surface at the edge of the photo.

Image 1

Title: Plato's Cave.

Monoprint. Black and white landscape image made with palette knife. A textured image; blunt broad markings. Thick black strokes on the right hand side, covering a third of the paper. White grubby light from the centre graduating into black at the edges of the image.

Image 2

Title: Covid.

Monoprint. Black and white landscape image. A textured image; speckled irregular oval islands in a graduated black, grey and white background.

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