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Josephine has been a member of the Belfast Print Workshop since 2000.

Dr Josephine McCormick is an artist, printmaker and educator, based in Belfast, N.Ireland. Specialising in Fine Art Printmaking, Josephine’s practice interests span science and technology towards developing hybrid applications for fine art printmaking practice. Areas of special interest in her work are investigating the creative potential between sonic technologies and printmaking processes towards producing a hybrid body of sound embedded print work. She has captured frequencies to generate cymatic patterns, producing collographs from these and presenting the work in an installation format. She is currently capturing sound/voice to produce ‘visual spectrograms’, which are then used as a visual resource in the making of print work. She values collaboration and has worked with multi-disciplinary groups of engineers, scientists and sound artists in the making of print work.

In 2016 she undertook a DAS residency investigating sound and printmaking and had a performance at SARC with Bbeyond. Forthcoming projects will be an installation at Pollen Gallery in December, ‘Extinct Sound’ and a solo exhibition at ArtisAnn as part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival in February 2017. Josephines work has been represented in the UK and in various International Print Exhibitions in Australia, China, France, Germany and Russia. She received her MA in Fine Art Printmaking from Camberwell College of Art and her PhD from the University of Ulster. 

A look at the work of Josephine McCormick's CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) mediated print work. The plates were made at the Northern Ireland Technology Centre, Queens' University Belfast and printed using the viscosity printmaking technique at the Atelier Contrepoint studio in Paris.

'Sounds of Science', Josephine McCormick interviewed by NVTV

Works in the Archive

Northern Ireland

Width: 39.00
Height: 16.00
Cost: £175.00

Historical Voice

Width: 30.00
Height: 11.00
Cost: £175.00


Width: 31.00
Height: 28.00
Cost: £100.00
Medium: Screenprint

Sound rendered

Width: 60.00
Height: 80.00

Visceral Portrait

Width: 85.00
Height: 53.00
Edition: BPW Archive, 11/20
Quantity: 1


Quantity: 1
Medium: Aquatint

City Head Sudarium II

Width: 41.50
Height: 41.50
Edition: 16/100
Quantity: 1