Now Exhibiting: Josephine McCormick at the ArtIsAnn Gallery

The Sounds of Science will run from the 2nd - 25th February, as part of the NI Science Festival.

Preview: Wed 1st Feb, 6pm to 8pm

Thursday 2nd February 2017 – Saturday 25th February 2017
Gallery Opening hours: Wednesday - Friday: 11am-6pm | Sat: 12-5pm.  Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 

ArtisAnn Gallery
70 Bloomfield Avenue
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Free. Drop In.
Don't miss the Sound Performance on Wednesday 15th Feb at 7pm.

Josephine McCormick’s work weaves sound and voice within visual layers towards producing art that is beautiful, delicate and extraordinary. 

These artworks, funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, celebrate significant events and discoveries in science that have resulted in paradigm shifts in our knowledge of how the world, and the universe, works. Josephine has visually rendered the voice of significant scientists and embedded them within her artworks. 

This enables viewers to have an immersive experience of breakthrough moments in scientific history. Significant voices will include: Jocelyn Bell Burnell, John Stewart Bell, Albert Einstein, Neil Armstrong, Andre Konstantin Geim and Konstantin Sergeevich, Novoselov, Craig Venter, Stephen Hawking, Alexander Graham Bell and Michio Kaku.


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