Leo has been a member of the Belfast Print Workshop since 2014

Leo's background in the arts began when he was given a box of comics around the age of ten and became fascinated by the way images could tell complex stories, he has always been interested in the synesthetic interplay between picture and text. Later Leo became influenced by the propaganda posters of the Spanish Civil War and the Russian Communist uprising. These early experiments, designed to teach complex lessons to a populace who could barely read, have greatly influenced all of the visual art of the 20th century. When making images he is creating propaganda pieces for a world that does not yet, or does not quite exist.

Works in the Archive

Wild Life Matches

Width: 57.00
Height: 42.00
Edition: 2/10

Copy, Blue Leader

Width: 58.00
Height: 40.00
Edition: 1/3
Quantity: 0

The Tower of Babble

Width: 36.00
Height: 53.00