Lynda Hamilton

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Lynda has been a member of the Belfast Print Workshop since 1994.

The landscape itself, both here and further afield is at the heart of my work. I like travelling, particularly by motor bike which enhances the sense of place and space.Topographical features such as mountain peaks, weather worn rocks or ragged trees appear like primeval symbols of animism. I take innumerable photographs that I use as a type of sketchbook, with boxes of photos and photocopies which I cut, collage, re-size etc. preferring the physical shuffling about on the table as opposed to the computer screen. Using photo-intaglio or photo-etching I can build up the image with multiple plates and layers of colour.I rarely print all the images the same but work on variable editions, fluid and changing like the land itself.

Works in the Archive

Something Old, Something New

Width: 28.00
Height: 31.00
Cost: £180
Edition: 2/5

Not Really Lost At All

Width: 29.00
Height: 19.50
Edition: 2/10

Landmark for Now

Edition: 6/15
Quantity: 1

Above and Below

Quantity: 1

Flight and Height

Edition: 6/12
Quantity: 1
Medium: Photo Etching

Tic Toc

Edition: 2/12
Quantity: 1

Clock and Cavern

Edition: 5/12
Quantity: 1

Sweet Dream

Edition: 7/12
Quantity: 1

Thin Air

Edition: 4/10
Quantity: 1
Medium: Photo Etching


Width: 75.00
Height: 100.00
Edition: 6/10
Quantity: 1