An Online Selling Platform, Curated by Printmakers

Belfast Print Workshop has launched a new Online Exhibition, a functioning web-shop featuring a carefully curated range of prints from current artist-members as well as pieces from the BPW archive. The model of selection is unique as each collection, which will change quarterly, will be selected by a different BPW artist.

This debut collection of 20 artworks was chosen by Studio Technician and interdisciplinary printmaker Raquel Amat Parra. It features notable local artists including James Allen, Majella Clancy, Lynda Hamilton, Josephine McCormick, James Millar and Maura Lynch as well as archive pieces from former BPW residents such as Kent Jones, Victor Sloan and Neil Shawcross. 

The curator has autonomy to design their collection as they see fit; it could be work they find inspiring, work in a particular technique, theme or style - the only rule is it must be available to purchase. Raquel made her selection based on factors such as technical proficiency, composition or the suggested meaning in the work. In some cases the choice was influenced by her experience in seeing the piece (and it’s creator) develop it at the workshop. Each piece is accompanied by a short explanation on why it was selected.

Studio Manager, Meadhbh McIlgorm explains; 
‘We’ve been thinking about how to manage an online artwork sales platform for BPW for a long time now. The range of work we have at the studio is vast and also very diverse in terms of price, technique and scale that the issue has always been how to select something that is representative of it all but still manageable to present and promote. We feel that this model has great potential to really showcase what our artists do while being artist-led - who better to advise buyers on what makes a fabulous print than a printmaker!'

The current collection will be online until March 31st 2020. Full details such as size, edition, price and postage are provided online but artwork may be viewed in person at the studio by appointment. Next next curator will be nominated by Raquel in Janaury, stay tuned to find out who is selected.

View the collection now