Newest Members of Prism Print International

Congratulations Jim Allen and Karen Daye-Hutchinson

Our collaborative exhibition ‘Graphic Editions’ ran at the Oriel Gallery in Clotworthy House Antrim from November 6th 2018 until January 5th 2019. BPW was delighted to partner with Prism Print International, an organisation which, as the title suggests is an international collective of excellent artists working primarily in printmaking and we’re even more delighted that two of BPW’s long-standing artists, Jim Allen and Karen Daye-Hutchinson are their newest, as well as their first Irish, members.

Established in 2012 by English artists John Read and Nigel Oxley, the ambition for Prism was for it to act as ‘a forum for cross-cultural exchange through fine art printmaking worldwide’. The name was acquired from the image of a prism splitting white light into seven colours; a metaphor John explains for their aim to ‘try to expose what it is about the works of artists from differing cultures which is distinctive and valuable and to reveal it in our exhibitions’. Since its formation it’s membership has grown steadily via the ever growing network of artists they come into contact with through their shows, and to date their membership numbers 45 from 16 countries.

‘Having Jim and Karen join us greatly strengthens our UK representation with their experience and experimental ideas. Prism is open to showing all forms of printmaking, including the most innovative, to extend the dialogue worldwide about how contemporary print art can contain the human story now. Jim and Karen bring their new stories to Prism as well!’ - John Read, Prism co-founder

Membership of Prism is via selection based on both the quality of work and willingness to contribute as a member. The collective is an unregistered non-profit and opportunities are generated by their active and engaged membership and member-led management committee. We know they have selected well with Jim and Karen; both of whom are not only excellent and highly reputed artists but also passionate advocates for printmaking as an art form.

We can expect to see Karen and Jim’s work on tour as Prism Print Members in their upcoming show in Tokyo’s Ginza in October 2019!


*if you missed 'Graphic Editions', the show was reviewed by Slavka Sverakova on her blog and a digital catalogue featuring all the works and artists is availble on Issue.