Guadalupe and other Hallucinations, an exhibition of linocut prints at the Cotton Court Gallery, opening Thursday 23rd March 2017, exhibition continues until Saturday 1st April

The works, by artist Jonathan Brennan, were created in response to a 2016 collection of texts by the artist’s brother Dylan Brennan – a poet, academic and long-term Mexico City resident. The collection, entitled ‘Guadalupe and other Hallucinations’, is both chronicle and meditation on travelling throughout the country.

According to the artist: ‘having been lucky enough to visit Mexico on two occasions (and being a Spanish speaker familiar with Mexican and South American literature) these texts triggered all sorts of mental images from the writings of Juan Rulfo and Jorge Luis Borges – also Huichol and Zapoteca folk art, and Mexico’s unique take on Christianity in general, for example, the Day of the Dead, the cult of La Santa Muerte, etc.’

The recent focus in the media on Mexico makes this exhibition timely. According to Brennan: ‘Like many countries, Mexico has its problems, but the current disparaging and bullying discourse from its northern neighbour belittles the richness of this ancient and complex place, full of life and death and endless, delirious contrasts. I would like in some small way to reflect on this injustice while not flinching from portraying the country’s darker sides’.

‘Guadalupe and other Hallucinations’ runs from 20th March to 1st April 2017 at the Cotton Court Gallery, Ground Floor, 30 - 42 Waring Street, Belfast, BT1 2ED

There is a late night viewing on Thursday 23rd March from 6pm to 9pm
The exhibition is open Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

Cotton Court Gallery
Cotton Court
Ground Floor
30-42 Waring Street
BT1 2E