One o’clock Assassin

One O’Clock Assassin

James Millar
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Curator's comments: 

There are lots of connotations in James prints, there is often a representation of himself sometimes as a lion or another animal, also representations of family members and portayals of relationships between people.

I have chosen this impressive aquatint because of the strong sense story and meaning it carries. I believe the two figures at the right side are representing Northern Ireland. They are interrupted by the black figure, the asassin, who reminds me in a way of a priest or political official. This intruder breaks into a church - suggested by by the figure of Christ - to shoot the figure in the center of the scene. This print forms part of a series of etchings reflecting on the troubles in Northern Ireland.

All prints are packed flat, wrapped in acid free tissue within sealed card folders. Shipped via ParcelForce 48 within the UK /RoI.
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