Now Exhibiting: Print Salon at the QSS Gallery

Print Salon will run from 4th - 28th June, in the QSS Gallery, Belfast.

The much anticipated limited-edition boxed set of prints made by artists from QSS and BPW is now available.

The Print Salon limited edition box set is the first ever collaboration between two of Belfast’s leading artist-run studios. All prints have been specifically produced for Print Salon and generously donated by the artists towards QSS & BPW to subsidise these much-needed studio spaces in the city centre. The sale of the box set will help both organisations to continue to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to make innovative, challenging and ambitious works.

You can purchase the limited edition box set for £1,000 including VAT.

Works are available for sale from the BPW studio.

  • Print Salon: Selected Artists
  • Print Salon: Selected Artists