Elaine Megahy Remedy


Elaine Megaghy
Photo Intaglio
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Curator's comments: 

‘An eye for detail’ is how I would describe Elaine’s artistic style. On her print you can see how she pays attention to the beauty of small things. She has transferred photographic images onto a plate using the photo-intaglio process. This consists of a mixture of digital and traditional techniques blend together in a very contemporary piece of work.
Her collection of objects in ‘Remedies” are a very feminine way of telling a story. It reminds me in a way, of a celtic culture where an obscure ‘magical remedy’ was to be given for a cure. The monochrome palette used also brings to mind to the 1900s or even earlier, before modern medicine prevailed.

All prints are packed flat, wrapped in acid free tissue within sealed card folders. Shipped via ParcelForce 48 within the UK /RoI.
Collectors, Local Artist