Socially-distanced workshops with Omagh Printmakers

Two BPW members delivered socially-distanced workshops to the artists of the Omagh Printmakers group.

We were busy in October, while our socially-distanced courses re-started at the BPW studio, our members and artists Dónall Billings and Karen Daye-Hutchinson travelled to Omagh to deliver workshops to the artists of Omagh Printmakers Initiative. The workshops were delivered under strict COVID-19 safety guidelines, which did not stop the learning and making!



Images by Dónall Billings and Karen Daye-Hutchinson.

  • A white paper sheet in the background with ink-stained paper crumpled on to of it. A blue and black plate is placed on the top side of the frame, with a hand wearing an ink-stained latex glove and holding a rag tending to the plate.
  • In the foreground is a table covered in white paper, with 2 purple plates stained with black ink on top of it and to the left a woman wearing an apron is cleaning a tool. In the background a room with a wooden table and plastic chairs.
  • A large, well lit room, with a wooden floor and several wooden tables spread around, each covered in white paper with various printmaking materials and equipemnt. At the top of the frame some twigs are visible, coming in from the floor above.
  • five prints are spread on a round table, four of them have etched images of an animal printed in black ink on white paper, and one is a graphic face printed in blue ink.
  • A woman wearing a white knitted jumper is also wearing a mask, and leaning over a table covered with white sheets and ink smears and stained, holding a black roller.
  • In the background is a wooden table and a floor, on top of the paper is a pochoir print with a gradient yellow-orange background and a silhouette of a thick branch in blue and grey.
  • In the background is a wooden table with white sheets covering it. In the foreground on the bottom right is a pochoir print of a man pointing upwards on an orange-yellow-black gradient background. Above that are two print sketch papers.
  • A twig is held on top of a gradient inked sheet, casting a shadow. The gradient is dark green/black at the bottom and golden/orange at the top.