A bright orance sphere with some orange marking on the bottom

The Sound of the Sun

Josephine McCormick
Photo Etching, Etching, Viscosity
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About the piece:

This piece of Art embraces the actual captured sound of the sun; rendered as a 'spectrogram', embedded within the etching.  A 'spectrogram', enables soundwaves or frequencies to be read as 'visual sound'. I obtained this recorded sound from the NASA site.

Within my creative practice I have been interested in presenting a layer of sound embedded elements within my printworks.  I usually use the voice of a person to embed within printmaking, but in this instance the Sun caught my eye and attention. 

The work combines several printmaking techniques in the service of the creative idea, viscosity printing technique which I learnt in Paris; at the studio where the technique was developed, photo-etching and traditional etching of soft-ground and hard-ground etching.



The price quoted is for the unframed piece. Get in touch for details about framing.

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