Trilateral - Graduate Awardees, One Year On Exhibition

PS2 Gallery, July 24th - August 3rd 2019. Opening Thursday 25th 6pm - 8pm

Trilateral - 'Having three sides'
Aimee Melaugh, Cathy Scullion and Lucy Moyes graduated from Fine Art at Ulster University in 2018. Based on the work presented in their degree show they all were offered a one year membership award from Belfast Print Workshop. This exhibition will showcase how their practice has developed within this year as well as highlight their very different approaches to printmaking.Trilateral will include a series of free, public workshops in printmaking, making this reproduction technique accessible and a neighbouring arts organisation and arts facility visible to a wider audience. 

Opening Night in PS2 Gallery, Thursday, July 25th, 6 - 8pm and again for Late Night Art, Thursday August 1st, 6pm - 9pm. 

About the Aimee Melaugh graduated from Ulster University Belfast with a First Class Honours in Fine Art Painting in 2018.  Since joining BPW Aimee has been able to expand her practice into print. Her work explores catastrophic events which have taken place throughout history with reference to her grandfather's experience of being in the army during World War Two. For more information see

Cathy Scullion graduated from Ulster University Belfast with a First Class Honours in Fine Art Print in 2018.  Cathy takes an experimental approach to her printmaking, often incorporating elements of installation, sculpture and video.  Through her practice Cathy explores the human condition and uses the process of making her work as a way to help her better understand human behaviour. Instagram: @cscullionart

Lucy Moyes graduated from Ulster University Belfast in Fine Art Print in 2018. Using instinct and impulsiveness as a method of working Lucy explores the impact the subconscious has on us without our full knowledge.  She creates landscapes and cellular like images, intrigued by the idea of something unfamiliar happening to the familiar and the shared relationship between the external environment and the internal environment have with one another. For more information see


Ps - The show was though-prevokingly reviewed by Slavka Sverakova on her blog. check it out.