For Sale

Visitors to our studio will know that BPW has a huge range of works for sale, spanning the entire spectrum of printmaking. As well as work from current studio members we have an extensive archive and legacy from former members, residents and guest artists. It can be a bit overwhelming to know where to begin! To combat this over-abundance; our online exhibition brings you a unique selection of artwork, curated by a BPW artist-member or staff member. The curator has autonomy to design their collection anyway of their choosing; it could be work they find inspiring, work in a particular technique, theme or style.

Some of the work is part of our archive and is not for sale, while other work is available for you to purchase.

This is the first selection made by BPW's curator, Moran Been-noon, and it was inspired by Linen Hall Library's 'extraORDINARYwomen' project. The work tells stories of women's lives, not aiming to create an air of "empowerment", rather representing women as strong, active, and contributing members of society.


A white ruffled corset on a black background

ROSA’S, Artist: Veronica Wallis

Veronica Wallis
A white frock on a black background

BIRTHDAY FROCK, Artist: Veronica Wallis

Veronica Wallis
4 silver thimbles with a black background

THIMBLES, Artist: Red O’Neill

A landscape scene, blue-grey skies and a brown farmed ground, two women digging, one wearing a blue dress, the other a brown dress

UNTITLED FARM SCENE, Artist: Seamus Carmichael

Seamus Carmichael
A figure standing and a figure sitting, between them is black (dark?)

VILLAGE LIFE VII, Artist: Anushiya Sundaralingam

Anushiya Sundaralingam
Photo Etching
An illustration of a woman in a dress on a chair, in the evening in a garden with a party setting. She is fixing a lamp.

A PERFECT WORLD I, Artist: Coby Moore

Coby Moore
Drypoint, Etching
An illustration/caricature of a busy street with a mother pushing a pram in the front

CASTLE STREET, Artist: Rita Duffy

Rita Duffy
Black background with black-and-white illustrated charcters in the foreground

HAPPY FAMILY, Artist: Richard Croft

Richard Croft
A tall image of folded linens with patterns, colours white, blue, and grey.

LINEN FOLD, Artist: Maura Lynch

Maura Lynch
Photo Intaglio