For Sale

Visitors to our studio will know that BPW has a huge range of works for sale, spanning the entire spectrum of printmaking. As well as work from current studio members we have an extensive archive and legacy from former members, residents and guest artists. It can be a bit overwhelming to know where to begin! To combat this over-abundance; our online exhibition brings you a unique selection of artwork, curated by a BPW artist-member or staff member. The curator has autonomy to design their collection anyway of their choosing; it could be work they find inspiring, work in a particular technique, theme or style.

Some of the work is part of our archive and is not for sale, while other work is available for you to purchase.


We start 2021 with a special selection curated by Belfast Print Workshop's board of trustees. Being on the board of an art organisation is a lot of work, but it gives our trustees unique insight and a front row seat to artists' practices, developments, and career highlights. All four members of the board joined to select these pieces, some are renowned archive pieces and some recent artworks that are also available for sale. 

Making the choice evoked in some of the trustees cherished memories from long ago of exhibitions attended and artists late at night in the studio in preparation. For others, the immediacy of an image that they carry in their minds every day and all reflecting the wide range of facilities available for artists in the studio and the practice of age old and modern techniques side by side, a feature of the Workshop since it was founded over 40 years ago.

This selection is small but fierce, and full of inspiring work. It showcases the conceptual and technical diversity in our membership and what drives different printmakers to create work. We hope browsing through the work will bring some hope and inspiration for a better year, filled with art.

The Belfast Print Workshop trustees are:

  • René Mullin
  • Teresa Curran
  • Mark Glazier
  • Jackie Crooks


A portrait frame with white background and black ink etched birds launching into flight.

Into Flight

James Allen


Linda McBurney
A dark branch is growing from the bottom of the print, with a large silver full moon in the background of its top.

Silver Moon 1

Fiona Ní Mhaoilir 

Something Old, Something New

Lynda Hamilton


James Allen
A bright orance sphere with some orange marking on the bottom

The Sound of the Sun

Josephine McCormick
Photo Etching, Etching, Viscosity

Bird afar

Diarmuid Delargy


Paul Seawright
A striped cat sitting on a rug

Cat On A Rug

Karen Daye-Hutchinson
Etching, Aquatint


Valerie Giannandrea